• Cintron Lawn Maintenance is a full service company which provides an array of services to meet your lawn care needs including: lawn maintenance, irrigation, pest control and fertilization.


    Jose Cintron – Owner


    Our extensively trained crew members will report to your property every week,on their scheduled day to mow, edge, trim, take care of weeds, remove debris, etc. Our crew leader will inform you of any concerns and will report them to you with a recommended course of action, prior to it becoming a problem.


    Irrigation Specialists are available to you and can perform routine checks as well as irrigation installation.


    CLM is State Certified by the Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control. Our pest control operator will measure your property to determine the appropriate program that best fits your needs. Our licensed technicians are highly trained to identify and effectively treat pests, insects, disease, etc. We will establish a personal treatment schedule to ensure that your property looks its best year round.

    We are Certified by the Department of Environmental Protection and BMP (Best management Practices). Our fertilization specialists is trained in the importance of proper pest control, fertilization, maintenance of lawns and landscapes, in order to assure minimal adverse environmental effects while achieving customer expectations.


    CLM strives to exceed your expectations. We recognize the importance of hiring reliable, experienced, and skilled lawn service providers. Our keen attention to detail is evident in our work, from the cleaning and maintenance of our equipment to maintaining your property at its fullest potential. Our communities have been voted “Community of the Year” for two years in a row. We treat all our customers like family and establish a great rapport with all board members, general managers, and others. We maintain a proactive attitude and do what it takes to finish the job.